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Experience Selling Like Never Before


Fast & Hassle free listing and uploading of Products on Amazon with just a single click.


Receive live email notifications of all the orders recieved, canceled orders and stock updates.


Single centralized platform to execute all the task at the same place and save hours of time & effort.


Automated synchronization of product listing, order, pricing, and inventory.

Integrate Amazon to Experience Hassle-Free Selling Experience

Multi Account Support

No more switching between multiple seller accounts. Manage Amazon accounts for every country from one centralized location. The app lets you control Sales, Inventory and Shipping for all your accounts.

Order Management

Manage all your Amazon Orders from your respective store as well as with FBA. Fetch orders, Create them on your Store, and Reflect the Order’s Shipping Status on Amazon.

Inventory Management

Threshold Inventory option gives you an option to enter a pre-set value for Inventory levels making your Inventory more viable and supports you by preventing you from going out of Stock.

Bulk Product Upload

With the app’s API model, Bulk Upload and Import Products is just one click away. Select the products you want to upload on Amazon based on various parameters like All Products, Unpublished Products, Published Products, etc

Live Listing

Manage the listed products on Amazon. Adjust the properties and details like variants, size, colours, etc. for each product from the app itself. With this feature being introduced to your daily routine, you’ll no longer need to switch between apps and Amazon Accounts.

Sell your Handmade Products

Build your catalog & sell handmade Products on across 14 subcategories including Accessories, Artwork, Decor, and more. You can also manage orders and Inventory for already listed Handmade products on Amazon.

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Our Extensions will help your business grow by fully automating your workflow and providing you full management access.

Our experts have compiled all the essential information and prepared a brief explanatory video of for Amazon sellers explaining ‘all you need to know to sell efficiently on Amazon in 2019’.

Want more?

Here are two more features Sellers find highly appeasing

Interactive Dashboard

The dashboard is intended to furnish you with an elevated perspective of each and every part of your selling interaction from one spot. You can get live details connected with your Order Status, Inventory and Sales.

Selective Pricing & Discounts

The application allows you to give limits to a chosen handful of things that you wish to advance through a particular evaluation, likewise, you get to add items and give limits by either giving a rebate by Percentage or by giving a markdown by Value.
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What is Makcommerce Amazon Integration in a nutshell ?

MakCommerce, a trailblazer in Integrating E-Commerce Stores with Marketplaces has created Amazon Integration. It will give an Integrated pathway to dealers wishing to sell on both Online stores and Amazon. The Amazon Integration works for Store proprietors on different various systems and for Amazon Sellers having Single or Multiple Amazon Accounts.

The App provides an option to manage and update details related to Management of Products, Inventory, Orders, and Fulfilment services. This automated selling experience makes the entire selling experience pleasant.

Trusted by many companies

MakCommerce is a group of profoundly energetic people cooperating to ensure your business develops as time passes. With a gigantic Customer Base figuring out how to sell across commercial centers like Walmart, Etsy, Wish, Aliexpress, and so on, we can guarantee you of being in safe hands.

So that you don’t miss a single opportunity

We work on a wide variety of frameworks.


Magento 2






Frequently Asked Questions

Having doubts? We have compiled a list of most common queries we found sellers had.
No, we don’t charge anything for Installation.
Yes, You’ll need to provide Billing Information to select a Plan and start using the App.
Yes, You are free to Uninstall the app whenever you feel like doing so.
Refund options are available in some situations under certain conditions. To know more you can read our Terms & Conditions.
No, you will continue enjoying benefits as per your existing plan until the plan expires.

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