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Going through the massive item transfers physically? You could likewise feel upset dealing with the Inventory. Indeed, we have a basic answer for deal with every one of your deficiencies.

An answer that empowers Easy and Automated item transfers, stock administration, and significantly more… All on a solitary Centralized stage.

Sell your innovativeness on USA’s credible and local area-driven worldwide and neighborhood commercial center Etsy. An ideal objective for innovative business visionaries is to depict their imagination and offer to the right crowd.

Begin and develop your business according to your very own preferences by being a craftsman, fashioner, or innovative custodian.

Change To An Advanced and Automated Selling Experience


Fast & Hassle free listing and uploading of Products on Amazon with just a single click.


Receive live email notifications of all the orders recieved, canceled orders and stock updates.


Single centralized platform to execute all the task at the same place and save hours of time & effort.


Automated synchronization of product listing, order, pricing, and inventory.

What Makes Etsy So

Etsy is the most imaginative and Unique commercial center managing in high quality and classic fortune.

Throughout the long term it’s been assisting innovative business people with beginning, oversee and scale their organizations. At this point, witness 39.4 million dynamic purchasers looking for inventive products.

With more than 2.1 million dynamic dealers, Etsy ends up being an ideal objective to sell your innovativeness.

Become the First Choice of the Customers

Contact overall clients and carry them to you by furnishing them with what they need!! Advance your Etsy store with solid Features like:

WatchDog 360 Management

Keep an eye on every minute and big activity going around your Etsy Store with CedCommere’s Automated and Centralized Integration Dashboard.

Ingenious Inventory Management

No need to worry about updating your inventory every while and then. With Etsy Integration establish synchronization between your store and inventory.

Monitorized Order Management

Witness the most innovative order management with MakCommerce’s centralized order management where you can get it all at a single place.

Effortless Bulk Product Upload

Avoid the ponderous product uploading process and perform hours of works in just a single click with bulk product uploading on Etsy.

Live Order Notification

Stay up to date with each and every activity on your Etsy store with live order notification feature, through which you receive a mail as soon as you receive new or rejected orders.

24*7 Customer Support

After purchasing our Esty Integration you become eligible for our highly efficient customer support. No matter what day, date or time, we are happily available to help.

So that you don’t miss a single opportunity

We work on a wide variety of frameworks.


Magento 2






Frequently Asked Questions

Having doubts? We have compiled a list of most common queries we found sellers had.

If you have already products listed on Etsy with variants you can link them from here to avoid duplicate listings (Which have duplicate titles & SKU’s). If the titles or SKUs are the same you just need to click on the “Sync from Etsy” button.

If you are already selling your products on Etsy, then you can manage their inventory and Orders from the Shopify after linking them from the App.
You can list up to 70 Options for each Variation Property (where the Max. Variation Property is 2) generating the combinations upto 4900 unique products

“Profiling” is a mandatory process. Without creating the Profiles in the application, the product cannot be sent to Etsy.

Since, Shopify and Etsy are two different platforms, there are some specific fields which are required when listing a product on Etsy. The Profiling needs to be done once per category and the rules will be applied for multiple products, so you don’t need to fill the required fields for each and every product specifically to publish on Etsy.

You can assign a Maximum 13 Tags to your product each having a total limit of 20 characters.
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