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Why burn through your time and exertion on physically transferring items and matching up stock when you can mechanize it.

Update your approach to selling with Lazada Integration by MakCommerce which empowers Easy and Automated item transfers, stock administration, and significantly more.

Bother free onboarding on Lazada with MakCommerce’s perfect coordination expansion planned thinking about every one of the fundamental highlights that new dealers need to begin selling on Lazada.

A perfect coordination expansion planned only for new web-based dealers like you thinking about every one of the highlights that you want to sell on Lazada.

Automate your Selling Experience


Product Uploading on Lazada is now optimized, through which sellers can upload bulks of product in a single go.


Never miss a single update on new orders, stock, and inventory status with live email notifications.


No more time and effort wastage with centralized eCommerce platform where you can manage everything at one place.


Benefit from the automated synchronization of product listing, order, pricing, and inventory.

Few Facts and Figures that make Lazada special for online sellers:

  • Lazada is popularly known as Amazon of the southeast.
  • Lazada has a massive customer base which is over 560 million active customers.
  • Lazada is not only restricted to major brands but instead it allows sellers to sell over 3000 brands.
  • There is a minimum commission of 3-12% which includes the payment fees.

Upgrade to a better way of online selling

Upgrade your way of selling on Shopee with features like:

One Click Product Upload

Experience an easy and efficient way of product upload on Lazada with Bulk product uploading feature. Just select all the products and upload with a single click.

Effortless Inventory Management

Get rid of constantly updating your inventory every while and then. With Lazada integration, establish synchronization between your online store and inventory.

Monitorized Order Management

Benefit from the most innovative order management with MakCommerce’s centralized order management where you can manage all the orders at a single place.

Live Email Notification

Stay up to date with each and every activity on your store with live order notification feature, through which you receive a mail as soon as you receive new or rejected orders.

WatchDog 360 Management

Sellers can monitor every minute activities pertaining to their online store on Lazada with our centralized and automated management system.

24*7 Customer Support

After purchasing our Lazada Integration you become eligible for our highly efficient customer support. We are happy to resolve any issues you face at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We comprehend our clients more than any other individual. A couple of inquiries may be disturbing you at the present time!!

Lazada acquires competitor data from both online and offline competitors through various sources:

Online Competitors:

  • Web Information extraction tools built in-house at Lazada
  • 3rd party vendor solutions for web extraction
  • Manually monitoring competitor websites

Offline Competitors:

  • Store Visits/ Phone calls
  • Newsletters/Pamphlet collection
  • 3rd party vendor for category specific stores

Online data is refreshed every day whereas offline data is refreshed every month.

Seller Lowest Price in Seller Center allows you to view and compare other prices from Merchants across the platform. This provides you access online to competitor pricing information and you can adjust your prices accordingly. When your prices are higher than those of merchants, you can decide to adjust them in one click in order to always stay competitive or reject.

Lazada commits to send back all returned items to you within 60 days from the date of return by the customer.

You may opt for a claim if you have not received the return parcel within the promised timeframe.

Lazada is charging penalties to create a fair environment, where all sellers are encouraged to equally follow Lazada’s policies. Well performing sellers are rewarded and customers benefit from better customer experience. Additionally, Lazada is using collected penalty fees, to potentially compensate customers upon order cancellations or returns.
Lazada deducts the shipment fee from the payment of the item sold. The detail of parcel fee calculation for each item can be found in “comment” column in the Report Transaction. This can be downloaded from your Seller Hub.
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