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Why start an online alcohol marketplace?

The average year over year growth from 2014-2019 for the online alcohol delivery industry was 11.6%.

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Better Growth Opportunity

Wine eCommerce is developing quickly. The web-based lager, wine, and alcohol industry in the US alone is a $983 million industry.

An internet based channel for deals will supplement your disconnected deals

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Reach a wider customer base

75% of all web-based alcohol conveyance deals are comprised of Millenials, with the most addressed age being 27.

Ladies represent 55.7% of liquor conveyance deals.

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Shift to more personalized marketing

With the regular promotion, you can arrive at nearby clients. Though eCommerce site permits catching information about wine buyers that can be utilized to make altered messages and promotions across different internet-based channels.

From January 2016 to January 2018, wine addressed 65% of online liquor deals, spirits comprised 21.2%, and lager 13.8%. The online Liquor conveyance industry is progressively taking a powerful shape.

What is it that you want to begin an alcohol and wine eCommerce commercial center?

To set up an alcohol and wine commercial center it is compulsory to guarantee in the event that every one of the merchants on your foundation are in control of a substantial permit to sell liquor. Alcohol deal regulations shift starting with one country then onto the next as well as vary from one state to another. You might have to contact the public authority giving licenses. Various locales might have different unofficial laws that you’ll have to submit to. Gather all the data in regards to the legalities associated with your specific district for the offer of liquor and observe stringently the rules gave for transportation and conveyance.


Process flow in an online liquor marketplace



Upon receiving an order, the admin allocates the retailer in the customer’s zone for order fulfillment.



Once the seller is allocated to deliver products in a particular zone they may proceed to complete the order.


Delivery Service

Pertaining to the packaging and delivery regulations of the region the shipping service ensures the product reaches the customer.



The customer receives the order in the shortest possible time.

Online Liquor Marketplace Solution

Before starting a liquor and wine marketplace here are the essentials that you must be aware of

What you must know/have

  • Customer age bar for selling liquor in your state.
  • Shipping regulations of your state for alcoholic beverage shipping.
  • Laws pertaining to alcohol sales in specific cities.
  • Liquor license/ permit from the concerned government agencies.
  • Specific Alcohol Delivery norms of your state.
  • State Retailer’s license for liquor sale.
  • Secure shipping agreements with your carriers.

Essential features

  • Hassle free retailer registration on the marketplace.
  • Easy offline (COD/Bank Transfer) and online Payment methods.
  • Multilingual/ Multi currency support.
  • Smooth inventory management at seller front.
  • Efficient transaction management system between seller and the admin.
  • Easy tracking of shipped products with provision for customer end notification.
  • Provision for zone segmentation of retailers.
  • Seamless reporting system based on products and orders.
  • Facility to allow for store pickup or delivery at doorstep by the delivery boy.
  • Ability to connect to a POS system.

Personalised Marketing

  • Attract customers from the channels they are most active on.
  • Reward loyal customers with better deals.
  • Send product recommendation basis purchase pattern.
  • Encourage customer feedback.
  • Create a great brand story through your website.
  • Have provision for offers/discounts during special occasions.

Your alcohol delivery app

What could better complement your online alcohol marketplace than a smooth and seamless delivery app. With the rising use of smartphones having an app becomes almost mandatory for your marketplace to be accessible to customers even when they’re on the move. Expand the potential of your online alcohol store with iOS and Android platforms. Choose the best mobile app solution for your website.

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