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Importance of Magento PWA for your online business

Magento PWA can take your online business website a notch higher, making it easy for you to attract customers and improve conversions. Grow your business organically with eCommerce PWA.

Enhance user experience

Enhance user experience

Magento PWA offers better speed and performance, delivering seamless customer experience on the website. Makes your website more responsive and user-friendly.

Streamline Purchases

Better customer engagement

PWA enables checking out recently purchased products, similar items and other such sections. Specially curated and personalized messages take your customers back to their carts.

Customer Demand

Allows offline use

Magento PWA allows access even in offline mode. Information collected in cache helps make this possible. Thus, serving your customer even in limited or no network connectivity.

Benefits of the Magento PWA ready extensions

The multi-seller web stores like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay etc have brought a revolutionary change in approach to customers. We have curated solutions for Magento 2 multi-vendor marketplace that give you a sky of opportunities and a valuable edge over any contemporary eCommerce business.

Complete Control

Boost Conversions

Enhanced shopping experiences, credits to Magento PWA extensions helps increase sales on your eCommerce website. Quality experiences work a great deal in driving customer traction your way.

Expand Outreach

Improve Performance

These PWA ready modules help improve the performance dynamics of your ecommerce business. Better responsiveness, streamlined processes, all contribute to improved performance.


Offline Operability

Your eCommerce business will be accessible to your customers even in case of limited or no internet connectivity. The PWA ready solutions operability will not be hampered due to connectivity troubles.

Get to know our PWA ready Magento extensions

Our Magento 2 PWA extensions are ready- made solutions that can enhance the capabilities of your online business, improve sales and ensure scalability.

multivendor-marketplace-platinum-for-pwa (1)

Multivendor marketplace platinum for PWA

The Multivendor Headless PWA Studio Theme for Magento 2 utilizes the robust technology of Magento PWA Studio, GraphQL, and ReactJS. This Magento PWA extension provides your customers a fast browsing experience even with no or poor network connectivity.

Mobile login for PWA

Customer mobile Login for venia PWA theme allows customers to log in/sign up to their account using their mobile number and password or through OTP verification. This PWA ready module eliminates usage of email address to manage accounts and uses mobile numbers instead.


Hyper Pay for PWA

Magento 2 Hyperpay Payment Gateway for PWA allows customers to use various payment methods when making a purchase from your PWA website. This solution is PWA-ready and compatible with Sonia themes.

Amazon pay for PWA

This module will allow your customers to make easy payments with amazon pay while making a transaction on your PWA website.This PWA ready module facilitates AmazonPay features on your Magento 2 PWA website.


Elavon Payment Method for PWA

Elavon Payment Method for PWA enables you to integrate your website to the Elavon payment gateway. It takes payment directly from your website to the Elavon account from where you can transfer funds to your bank account.

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