Move your catalog to sears and control all the sales related operations from your online store.

Sell on Australia’s largest privately owned online retailer - Catch

Diversify your sales channels

with MakCommerce’ dynamic Sears Marketplace Integration Extension

Existing Seller

Automate Selling eBay

New Seller

Previously selling on Sears through Sears Sellers Center and dealing with every one of the tasks – item transfer, data alters, request acknowledgment and orders despatch – physically. Isn’t it too bulky an interaction? Get the worked on answer for take dispense with every one of the deficiencies once for all and develop your deals on Sears!

Being true channel joining accomplices, we assist you with speeding up the application acknowledgment process and get your inventory moved and rapidly accessible (in practically no time) on a commercial center which has 100 million extraordinary guests every year and with has a steadfastness program – SYW – who has clients in the overabundance of 100 million

Automate selling with High Utility Points


Ensure the fastest delivery through FBS (Fulfillment by Sears) and FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) as the app is compatible with both.


Implement promotional pricing (strike-through pricing), it increases the revenue rate up to 63%.


Enhance the listing SEO by providing the accurate additional attribute information in the sears integration app/plugin.


Establish an automated and centralized control mechanism to manage and synchronize the catalog – its information, inventory status, order status, pricing and fulfillment related aspects.

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Know more about our solution

Reduce your efforts to sell on Sears with the following features of our Marketplace Integration:

Bulk Action

This function reduces the manual work drastically and comes as useful at various places.Move entire/select catalog in one-go on sears marketplace. Merchants can map the relevant item categories all the once.

Product Management

Sears Integration helps to list online store products on Sears in an easier way so as to reduce efforts and enhance product visibility. You can customise your product title, description, tags, etc.

Pricing Management

To balance out the competition and to neutralize the seller fees at Sears, customers can make the manipulate the pricing of the products. Set custom price, strike-through price, etc. to your products.

Inventory Management

Sears Integration eliminates the need update inventory every while and then, it establishes a synchronization between your store and sears marketplace. You can set a minimum value to your products (threshold inventory) to avoid overselling.

Order Management

Auto order acknowledgement mechanism accepts orders as soon as it arrives even if you’re not present. The app also has auto cancellation features which helps you to cancel orders in case of missing SKU or insufficient inventory.

Flexible Shipping Configuration

You can choose to ship products yourself and set shipping charges according to the region you sell it or you can ship your products through 3P shipping logistics such as ShipStation, Shipwire, ShipWorks, etc.
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