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Fast and Reliable

This Integration app not only provides users with seamless movement of mass item data from Shopify store to Marketplace in near real-time but also sets users free from all the hustle and bustle of Inventory management, Product management, and order management, these are just some of the high utility points, to begin with.


Most Advanced Features

It has the most advanced feature of setting the threshold limit to prevent overselling of the products; Smart Tags & Filters are there to facilitate granular category mapping, inventory upload, editing, and sorting; variation listing to roll different variations into one listing to increase conversion, auto-accept orders.

Analytics & Repricing

Analytics updates you about the latest requirements to keep pace with the latest trends going in the market. The Repricer works by continuously monitoring the prices of listings - made by competitors, and the promotional pricing & custom pricing help you to manage your product price to get sales and maximize the profit.


Impeccable Customer Support

90% of 5 star reviews on our Marketplace Integration app rate our Account managers as prompt and supportive, they not only guide merchants in product-upload process but also assist them to optimize listing, to make them marketplace-fit and accompany them throughout the sales journey.

Rising Sales Graph

We not only claim things, we believe in proving by providing proper stats, that 20% of total sellers who are registered with us and are using only one sales channel, have recorded increments up to 45% on their sales, and those who are using multiple channels (2+) have recorded flabbergasting increment in sales up to 193%.


Latest News

Our Latest News

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