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This can be your most obvious opportunity to take advantage of the universe of patterns. Track down the right item and curate an ideal brand for it.

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Amazing! You can now interface, sync and deal with your eCommerce store with TikTok Shop and sell easily.

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The TikTok Shop Integration by MakCommerce assists you with ending all your manual work and empowers robotized sync between your eCommerce store and TikTok Shop. Along these lines, permitting you to zero in additional on your deals measurements and work on your ROI.

Unify Your Operations And Sell Smoothly On TikTok Shop

Automated Listings

Automated Listings

Automate product listing on TikTok Shop, i.e., whenever you add a new product to your online store, it will be uploaded on the TikTok Shop too.

Product Feed Management

Product Feed Management

Don’t take the hefty task of uploading products manually. Sync with your eCommerce store & upload products in bulk on TikTok Shop.

Real-Time Synchronization

Real-Time Synchronization

Product information like price, inventory, and details are synced in real time between your eCommerce store and TikTok Shop.

Profile-Based Upload

Profile Based Upload

Create profile and ease product management. Use dedicated templates for each group of products and work faster every time.

Advance Order Management

Advance Order Management

Receive TikTok orders directly in your online store. Track, manage and fulfill all the orders and get their status synced in real-time.

Round The Clock Service

Round The Clock Service

MakCommerce provides 24*7*365 days service. Whenever in doubt, reach out to MakCommerce and find a team of experts waiting to assist you.

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Why should you sell on TikTok Shop?

Sell on TikTok Shop to arrive at more than 1 Billion clients. Sell where customers are. Draw in with the most intuitive customers and remain in front of your opposition with TikTok Shop and MakCommerce.

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TikTok Shop is a new innovative shopping feature that facilitates merchants, brands, and creators to showcase and sell products directly on the platform and tap into the world of social eCommerce with over 1 Billion active monthly users.
TikTok charges a certain percentage per Order, i.e., the amount paid by buyers. For products sold in the UK, it is 5%.
It depends; if you already have a personal account, you can switch to a business account and set up your TikTok Shop. Or you can also create a separate TikTok Business account.
TikTok is another name for viral content. If you contribute your own unique twist to trending Sounds or videos, your videos can build brand awareness by earning the attention of thousands of potential customers.

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