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Increase your business with strong Automated and Near-Real-Time Synchronized Inventory. Open extreme elements like Bulk Upload, Auto-Acknowledgment of Orders, Inventory Synching, Price Update, and then some!

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Tap into the 400 Million+ month to month client base. Sell with a solid brand and take your business higher than ever. Begin your Walmart venture bother free by filling the Marketplace Application Form (underneath), and let us stress over the rest.

Pre-Requisites to start your Walmart Store Immediately

A warehouse based in the US with a US Tax ID and a Business Bank Account.
Should be able to ship orders and receive returns from a Warehouse located in the US.
Should at least have a year’s experience of excellent performance in the US Marketplace.
Be able to provide the UPC or GTIN code for each unique SKU.
Dedicated customer service, compelling product assortment, competitive pricing, and fast and reliable fulfillment.

Ship With Walmart

Hoping to grow your US-based business to Canada? Investigate Walmart’s “Boat With Walmart” Program. Influence advantages, for example, sensible transportation costs and simpler business arrangement by working with Walmart. Information exchange underneath and begin selling now!

Features for Seamless Integration

Easy bulk Upload

Leverage the bulk upload of products on the Walmart marketplace in a single click.

Auto-Acknowledgement of Orders

With MakCommerce’s Walmart integration orders are acknowledged automatically as soon as it is created on Walmart Marketplace.

Real-time synchronization

Establish an automated synchronization of inventory products and their prices between your store and Walmart marketplace with our Walmart integration.


Profiles can be created and assigned to the products for automating the upload procedure on the marketplace. Advanced Attribute and Category mapping for better SEO and listing quality

Automated Shipment

With the Walmart integration, manage the orders and their shipment from your local shop panel using ShipStation,, Linnworks, Xtento, ShipRush, etc.

Reasonable Pricing- Exquisite Features

Keeping in mind all the seller’s needs and demands we provide the most affordable and efficient Walmart Integration in the industry.

Framework Specific Solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Having doubts? We have compiled a list of most common queries we found sellers had.

To onboard Walmart Marketplace, complete the following steps:-

a) Apply for approval

b) Account Creation

c) Company Registration

d) Filling Tax Form

e) Payment information

f) Shipping Information

To complete your onboarding process, you need the following documents:-

a) US Business Tax ID (EIN) and Form W-9.

b) GTIN/UPC GS1 Company Prefix Number.

c) Banking information

d) General Company Information

Walmart has recently removed its US business address and US Tax ID compulsion.

Walmart can suspend your account for four significant reasons:-

a) Walmart Performance Standards Infringement

b) Non-Compliance with Marketplace Retailer Agreement

c) Negligence of Walmart Operational Standards

d) Violation of Trust and Safety Standards

There are various ways to increase your product visibility, such as

a) By offering fast and free shipping

b) Adding keywords in the and description

c) Adding additional attributes

d) Using Repricer

e) Setting promotional pricing

Explore the vast potential of Selling on Walmart